Book your next pedicure with Your Spa. Give your feet and toes a relaxing experience, a complete makeover. Feel light and free after your pedicure with our experts. Lay back and relax. Not only for women but also for men.
We put an end to burning feet, in grown nails and we will make your toes look and feel fresh and light. This pedicure treatment involves  soaking, exfoliation, removal of dead skin, nail shaping, cuticle work, foot massage and paint. Book now and our experts will be there in a short time. The best way to keep feet and  toes in perfect condition. Duration 45-60min




Please note there is a minimum order of 45€ on all the spa services. This means your total of the spa service or services you choose must total to a minimum of 45€ and over. A transport fee may apply to some areas.

  • Manicure with semi permanent polish
  • Semi Permanent Polish Removal
  • Pedicure therapy for Men and Women
  • Gel or acrygel nails
  • Refills gel or acrygel nails
  • Gel or acrygel removal
  • Simple manicure with nail polish
  • Pedicure with semi permanent polish
  • Pedicure spa therapy
  • Nail decoration

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