Gel Nails


Gel or Acrygel nail extension is the secret to long lasting nails. This nail service is a great help to women who would like to grow their own nails but till then would like to admire chic nails. Extend the length of your nails with this technique and  the results are immaculate. Work is done on the cuticles, nails are filed, shaped and buffed in preparation for application of gel or acrygel. Once gel or acrygel is applied, nails are set under the lamp and then filed to shape- pointy, round, square etc…A base coat is applied followed by two to three coats of semi permanent colour polish of your choice with setting under the lamp in between painting. To end, a top coat of semi permanent polish is applied. Our expert manicurist will advise you on which of the two gel or acrygel is most suitable for your nails. (This depends on the quality of your nails). Treat yourself to perfect long feminine nails. Dazzle your finger tips! Book now.

Duration 60-90mins

Refills of existing gel or acrygel nails and gel or acrygel removal is also available. Check out our prices below.

Please note there is a minimum order of 45€ on all the spa services. This means your total of the spa service or services you choose must total to a minimum of 45€ and over. A transport fee may apply to some areas.

  • Manicure with semi permanent polish
  • Semi Permanent Polish Removal
  • Pedicure therapy for Men and Women
  • Gel or acrygel nails
  • Refills gel or acrygel nails
  • Gel or acrygel removal
  • Simple manicure with nail polish
  • Pedicure with semi permanent polish
  • Pedicure spa therapy
  • Nail decoration

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