Man Six senses

Indulge yourself in this ultimate body experience. Your body and soul will be immersed into a revitalizing journey where your body will be massaged with the pressure you are comfortable with so as to restore energy and ensure balance of the soul.

Six senses massage for men

Your spa’s therapist will penetrate the deep layers of the skin with active natural oils which have exotic aroma relieving tense muscles and ensuring that your skin is completely nourished. Moving to a blissful neck and scalp massage where you will be left feeling like a feather in the breeze. Book this exquisite experience and unlock your senses.

Duration 60min

Please note there is a minimum order of 45€ on all the spa services. This means your total of the spa service or services you choose must total to a minimum of 45€ and over. A transport fee may apply to some areas.

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